Testimonies from SAFE participants

The best testimonies of SAFE through the arts are from children who have participated in the program expressing themselves as confident human beings.
Below are some of writing and drawing examples from children who have been exposed to the SAFE through the arts program.




































In addition, following are testimonies from middle school students who have previously participated in the program.

“It is an important program because it helps people who are not brave to stand up for themselves.”

“This is an important program because it shows you how to feel confident and believe in yourself always”.

“I learned how to go to my tree place when I am upset or mad. I also learned how to not give up and to keep believing in myself.”

“I learned how to believe in myself.”

“I learned to take care of myself and that we can use music to express ourselves.”

“The program showed us how to express oneself through Art!”

“I learned that you should always believe that you are beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

“I think the program is important because it teaches you to believe in yourself and everyone needs that.”

“ I learned how to stay centered and to always believe in myself”.

“The program teaches students to be kind and respectful.”

“I learned how to protect myself and stand up for others.”

“The program inspired me to do things I’ve never dreamed of doing before!”