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Each of the six classes comprising a SAFE through the arts program include a puppet skit, a writing/drawing exercise, an arts-based activity and a song. Students engage in hands-on arts-based activities, which are developmentally appropriate for kindergarten students including drumming, dance and dramatic role play. Weekly writing exercises in the specially designed SAFE through the arts student handbooks are integrated into the program. In addition, puppet shows teaching lessons relevant to our program are an integral part of the program.

Students learn five specific tools to help them learn how to empower themselves, build self-esteem and appropriately express and manage their emotions. By the end of the six-week program, we expect students to be have accomplished the following:
Be able to say one or more positive attributes about themselves
Acquire three specific tools to constructively manage their emotions
Learn seven ways in which they can build compassionate friendships
Increase their awareness of four different cultures by being introduced to their holiday traditions
Be exposed to five art modalities through participation in the program.