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How to Book a SAFE through the Arts® program

We are currently offering the SAFE Through the Arts® program to  Pre-K and Kindergarten and special education classes in Schenectady City public schools and the Capital Region. In Spring 2020, we will be offering SAFE Through the Arts® to public elementary classrooms in Brooklyn, NYC and urban schools within New York State with an emphasis on low income schools with diverse populations. Our goal is to bring the program throughout New York State and within the five boroughs of New York City and its surrounding areas. Our programs, which are fifty minutes in length, take place once a week for six weeks in five classrooms per school. The SAFE through the Arts® program is currently a free service provided by Azalea Blossom, a 5013c nonprofit organization to qualifying schools. Preference is given to schools that serve an underprivileged and diversified population of students.

Schools participating in the SAFE Through the Arts® program must meet the following requirements:

  • All classroom teachers, aides, and paras in classrooms where the program is taking place must agree to take an active role in participating in the program.
  • Schools must sign a media agreement allowing Azalea Blossom to publicize the program and its sponsors in media outlets including press and social media.
  • Families are to be given a letter informing them of the program.
  • SAFE Through the Arts® is authorized and covered under the school’s photography release forms.
  • Classrooms participating in the program must do so for the duration of the full six weeks. Any classes missed due to inclement weather and/or unforeseen circumstances must be made up.
  • Azalea Blossom, Inc. is the sole proprietor of SAFE through the Arts® handbooks and CD’s, which cannot be copied or distributed under the United States Copyright law without our explicit permission.
  • All participating schools must be able to accommodate the SAFE through the Arts® program in five classrooms a day.
  • Teachers and school staff agree to support the objectives of the SAFE through the Arts® program.

Steps to Book a Program:

1.Read through the program requirements.
2. Select a program date.
3. Fill out the enclosed paperwork with your requested date.
4. Contact us at to set up an in person meeting with our director and the classroom teachers.

For further information and inquiries, please contact us at

Letter to Parents 2019

Letter to Schools 2019

School Eligibility 2019

School Contract

The 2019 SAFE Through the Arts® school dates are listed below:



Cycle Two: Program A

Thursday, November 7th

Thursday, November 14th

Thursday, November 21st

Monday, November 25th

Thursday, December 5th

Thursday, December 12th

Thursday, December 19th: Snow Make-up Day


 Cycle Two: Program B

Friday, November 8th

Friday, November 15th

Friday, November 22nd

Tuesday, November 26th

Friday, December 6th

Friday, December 13th

Thursday, December 19th: Snow Make-up Day