Shelter Program

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Currently, the Bricks in the Wall project is focusing on outreach to women’s shelters and organizations serving women recovering from domestic or social abuse throughout the New York State and Western New England. The Bricks in the Wall Shelter Program is our most recent addition to the Bricks in the Wall Project. The program, which consists of a ninety-minute presentation of personal narrative and song by founding member Margaret Bernstein, aims to address the needs of women undergoing or overcoming a domestic violence relationship. The premise of the program is that the community of American Women, which includes women of all ages, races, social-economic status, cultures, levels of education, and sexual preference, needs more education and support for dealing with issues surrounding domestic abuse. Women need to be educated that domestic violence is not exclusive to violent physical actions directed at the victim but also may include verbal abuse and other violent physical actions, a concept, which is not only demonstrated in the music video but also is apparent in the context of Margaret’s songs. In addition, all women need to become aware of the cycles of violent behavior as well as learn how to build up their self-esteem and gain financial independence, all of which will be addressed in the presentation.