Bricks in the Wall Music Video

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About the Bricks in the Wall Music Video

The goal of the “Bricks in the Wall” music video has been to increase general awareness of Domestic Violence regardless of social and economic background, ethnicity, or race. Through worldwide distribution via the internet, the music video educates the general public on the more subtle implications and misunderstood concepts of the problem including verbal and emotional abuse as well as physical abuse not directed at the victim. In order to provide further outreach, the music video provides viewers with the National Domestic Violence Hotline phone number. As a tool to educate youth about behavior that is not usually recognized as domestic violence, The “Bricks in the Wall” music video has been used as an integral part of the SAFE through the Arts program for middle school students in New York State.

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Bricks in the Wall Music Video Credits

Song was written and performed by Margaret Bernstein

Production Crew

Producers-Margaret Bernstein with Manhattan Theater Source (Mitchell Riggs, Catherine Zambri Riggs, Andrew Bellware).

Director- Mitchell Riggs.

Director of Photography- Andrew Bellware

Editor- Mitchell Riggs

Original Storyboard and script-Margaret Bernstein

Location Scouting-Margaret Bernstein

First AC/Key Grip-Jim Mickie

Assistant First AC/Key Grip-Blair Johnson

Stylist- Cyrene Puccio

Makeup Artist- Christie McCabe

Assistant Makeup Artist-Cira Lara

Choreographer- Melissa Riker

Art Direction- David Roman and Ashley Burryt


Guardian Angel/Singer-Margaret Bernstein

Judy-Catherine Zambri Riggs

Judy’s husband- Daryl Boling

Judy’s son- Lucas Riggs

Judy’s son projected in the future-Julian Jacobs

Man in handcuffs- Rob Findlay

Policeman-Benjamin Thomas

Lovers/Dancers- Jason and Lindsey Dietz Marchant

Store owner- Marlo Smatzo


Also thanks to Tina Clarke, Jeremiah Rusconi, Bunty Bernstein, Mary and Christi Jo Zambri, Dave Bratton, Cynthia Riggins, Art Tessitore.


The “Bricks in the Wall” music video was filmed on location in Hudson, New York; Brooklyn (including the Three Brothers Mini Market); Queens, New York; and at the Manhattan Theater Source, NYC.